Ini Wilayah Hijau: Bell's palsy or idiopathic facial paralysis

08 March 2011

Bell's palsy or idiopathic facial paralysis




Mari tambahkan pengetahuan pasal Bell’s palsy.



About Bell's palsy

In Bell's palsy the facial nerve supplying the muscles on one side of your face is affected, causing weakness. Bell's palsy is the most common cause of facial paralysis.



You may be more likely to develop Bell's palsy if you have diabetes or are pregnant.



Bell's palsy is named after Sir Charles Bell, a nineteenth-century doctor who first described the condition and linked it to a problem with the facial nerve.



Apa yang hany tahu, orang yang dapat Bell Palsy ni, orang yang tengah pregnant. Bell Palsy nih, macam effect pada muka la. mulut takleh tutup rapat, mata susah ditutup dikedip.




The main symptom is that one side of your face becomes weak or paralysed. Most people have mild earache or a pain behind their ear. You may also find that on the affected side of your face:


- your eyebrow sags

- your eye is difficult to close

- your eye is very watery, or alternatively very dry

- the corner of your mouth droops, causing saliva and drinks to 

   dribble from your mouth

- you become more sensitive to high pitched noise



When you smile, you may notice that the affected side of your face appears expressionless. The amount of weakness people have can vary. Some have only a very mild weakness, but others may have complete paralysis. You may also find that you cannot taste at the front of your tongue or you have an altered sense of taste, but this is uncommon.




membe hany nurse, dia bagitahu ada sorang lagi nurse pernah dapat bell palsy nih, masa tu dia tengah pregnant. muka dia jadi macam senget…lain anggotan alhamdulillah ok. then selepas bersalin, alhamdulillah, semuanya kembali normal….




Treatment of Bell's palsy


For most people, Bell's palsy gets better by itself without any treatment. If your condition is mild, your GP will usually recommend you take some self-help measures to help you recover. You may, however, need medicines or surgery if your condition is longer-term or more severe.



**umm..macam tu eh..bahaya gak kan benda ni, sebab maybe tak serius dan maybe boleh jadi serius**

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apak cikidong said...

apak salu kena bell palsu ni.. esp bila ada sang gagak yang cantik lalu depan mata.. kikikiki

ardinihumaira said...

pertama kali dni dengar pasal ni.. risau gak kan..

Ida_Iara said...

hani,adik lida penah kena bell's palsy nih zaman dia belajar kat u dulu..lebih kurang mcm tula simptom2 yg ade pd dia, sebelah muka mmg lain la masa tu..mata takleh tutup rapat, mulut herot sket,nk minum mmg kena pakai straw aje la..lebih krg ala2 org kena strok tp bhgn muka aje.. tp dia ckp kdg2 ade gak rasa kebas2 bhgn tgn dn kaki ..kira mcm separuh bdn gak ade effect