Ini Wilayah Hijau: World’s Most Expensive Watches

15 October 2010

World’s Most Expensive Watches




Chopard’s $25 million watch


~ This gaudy timepiece by Chopard is adorned with three heart-shaped diamonds—a 15-carat pinkdiamond, a 12-carat blue diamond and an 11-carat white diamond.



~For good measure, they threw in 163 carats of white and yellow diamonds to bring the total to 201 carats of diamonds



** dah tak nampak roper jam dah haa**





Patek Phillipe’s Supercomplication- $11 million
















~ Patek Philippe’s most expensive watch was a yellow-gold pocket watch created in 1932 for New York banker Henry Graves, Jr. The watch, Supercomplication, was created as part of a vain competition Graves had with Ohio automobile engineer James Ward Packard to have commissioned a watch with the most complications in the world. This watch, of course, guaranteed that Graves won the contest. Supercomplication wasn’t surpassed until over fifty years later, when Patek Philippe created the 18k gold Caliber 89 which had a total of thirty-three different functions.




Patek Philippe’s Platinum World Time – over $4 million




















~ In fact, Patek Philippe had produced all of the ten most expensive watches in the world. The company, headquartered in Geneva, made their first wristwatch in 1868. They had already made a name for themselves prior to that, however, by providing watches to Queen Victoria herself in 1851. Other notable customers include Pope Pius IX, a king and queen of Denmark, an Italian king and Saddam Hussein’s son-in-law.



**yang last ni macam besh je jam dia nih, tapi harga memang tak agak ar kan**

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