Ini Wilayah Hijau: Alkisah di Ofis Baru

21 April 2011

Alkisah di Ofis Baru


Day 1: Introduction to the background of Office and Paralles’s product under our support. Enjoyed.




Day 2: Technical training about Parallels's product ~~blur & sleepy~~



Day 3: Technical training ~~sleepy ONLY~~. looks like got improvement :p



Day 4: Technical training ~~ still sleepy haha.. ~~




I am going to support new product which will be launched somewhere in May this year. In new office, I can see that they treated time as a gold. Normally, when we join new office, on the first day and sometimes on the first week we are just seat down and speak up but they don’t. On the first day joined, some new staffs were already in training room!



Since the product is new one, the company does not have an expertise. So, they imported an expert from Rusia to be a trainer and mentor. Three new staffs will be under by one mentor. The most I like about the trainer was their English language. They pronounced some worlds like Malay pronunciation.



** baca dalam bahasa melayu ye. ce baca ce baca.

1) Install

2) Max

3) Linux

4) Bind



The most I don’t like is the foods and drinks around here was very expensive. I think KL much more cheaper.




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