Ini Wilayah Hijau: Paul si peramal dah ada pengganti, Paul 2

05 November 2010

Paul si peramal dah ada pengganti, Paul 2





hany dengar kat tibi 3, berita cakap, dah ada pengganti si paul Octopus yang dah kiokkk tuh….dan sekarang paul 2 nih dah berada dalam akuarium yang paul1 dulu…paul 2 ni katanya baru berusia 5bulan….huhuhu





Oberhausen: Octopus Paul II, successor to the tentacled tipster that wowed the world with his uncanny knack of correctly predicting World Cup football games, was unveiled amid great fanfare in Germany.


The new cephalopod, also named Paul in honour of his world-famous predecessor who passed away last week, was lowered gently into his tank in a ceremony carried live on national television.



Paul the younger initially appeared more publicity-shy than his media-hungry forerunner, sticking closely to the side walls of the tank as the TV cameras rolled.


The aquarium in Oberhausen, western Germany, limited the number of photographers allowed into the room, amid hefty interest from around the world.



"We got him from near Montpellier" in southern France, an aquarium employee told AFP.


However, the German aquarium was keen to downplay the possibility that Paul II will inflict the same pain to bookmakers as Paul I did, to the joy of punters around the world.


"No one yet knows whether Paul will be able to follow in his footsteps, or rather, his tentacle steps," aquarium spokeswoman Tanja Munzig said in a statement.


sumber disini



**erkkk berjayakah paul 2 ni meramal mcm paul 1**

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ardinihumaira said...

hari tu dni ado mimpi paul tu tau kak ;p

mzhany said...

ahaha dni nih sampai termimpi mimpi nih ishhh, ke mimpi makan paul goreng tepung ;)