Ini Wilayah Hijau: Oracle owns OpenOffice?

10 December 2010

Oracle owns OpenOffice?

I want to open up a map with .pptx extension but ms office is not installed on my laptop. I had ms office but I was very lazy to find it. So I decided to download openoffice software. This is an open source software to replace ms office for those who want to cut cost :p and as should be surprise there was an Oracle logo splash screen while OpenOffice 3.2 started up.

Once I finished install the openoffice, I checked on the "Help > About". I saw this below screen

Will it remains the de facto standard?
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ardinihumaira said...

alamak.. dni lagi tatau pape ni ;p

mzhany said...

openoffice ni mcm microsoft office lah, ada word, powerpoint, openoffice nih free.

so skrg ni oracle dah beli openoffice maka tak tahulah adakah lepas ni openoffice nih free ke tak lagi pas nih. ;)

(hrp2 paham, akak xreti explain sbb tu akak xjadi cekgu)

munna said...

munna benda2 macamni mmg tak reti langsung... buta it sikit... tahu yg asas je..

Norhafiza said...

oooo (ngan nada paham yg x brp paham haha) kira program br la ni kot hany..xpe la setia pd la hehe..