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21 December 2010

Proton: how to spot imitation Proton Genuine Parts?







Proton has sent over a few images on how to differentiate between Proton Genuine Parts and imitation parts, which are often sold at cheaper prices but do not confirm to OEM standards, especially when it comes to safety.

According to Proton Edar CEO Mohamad Shukor Ibrahim, there are two types of acceptable components available for Proton cars in the market. One is of the Proton Genuine Parts variant and the other is called Proton Second Branding Parts. Proton Genuine Parts are components that have been developed by PROTON and are also known as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.

Proton Second Branding Parts are offered to customers whose vehicle warranty has expired, and as an option for those seeking lower-cost of ownership compared to purchasing Proton Genuine Parts. These are usually cheaper in price to buy.

And then there is the third type, which are manufactured by a third party designed to be fitted to Proton vehicles, but they carry their own branding and packaging and do not make attempts to imitate Proton parts. But what you should avoid are imitation parts that are made by unknown parties and packaged to look like Proton Genuine parts.

Here’s how to tell them apart:

Genuine Part Label – Bar codes have more fine lines and colour blue is of lighter shade.

Imitation Part Label – Bar codes are thick and colour blue is of darker shade.

ATF Fluid Bottle – watch how the Genuine Part on the left has a better quality bottle cap seal as compared to the imitation part on the right.

The Genuine Part fuel pump is on the right while the imitation part is on the left – look at the different shade in the material colour.

Proton Genuine Oil Filter – neat and proper printing of yellow and white logo box as opposed to the imitation filter on the left with shabby printing.

Take a look on the inside – the genuine part is on the right while the fake part is on the left, you can notice the difference with the filter

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fiq said...

tp bila kita hntr repair, selalu nyer x check pun apa yg dia tukar2 kt dalam tu. huhu... x reti sgt bab2 keta ni walaupun fiq pakai keta =(

Norhafiza said...

klo tak reti bab2 tilik menilik ni..sah2 kene 'kenc' huhuhu...

Ena said...

ena memg tak tau lgsung sbb bawak pu tak selalu.. malas eh! bukan penakut! hahah..

kena tgk betul2 kan kalo tak mesti tak perasan.. nampak lebih kurang tp kalo teliti memg blh beza..

thanks 4 sharing.. leh kasi kat huby tgk nie.. :D

Oasis said...

uishhh...takut la plak bila ada yang ala2 original ni. Klu cam tu baik servis kat Proton je kan. Nasib baiklah saya pakai Perodoa.

Fiza Amran said...

oh thanks for info.. mmg fiza tahu beli jer x tahu ada tiruan punya